Store away your bombs!! Watch out!!

While sitting on the edge of your seat, and holding your breath with each turn… be the first player to store your bombs in the holes on the table (called a shot garland). The shot garland has 100 storage holes to select from… some of the holes are blocked, and other holes will be open. If the hole is blocked, you successfully store away your bomb. If the hole is open, the bomb will drop and you will hear it EXPLODE!! Blocking X is an exciting and tense game that's super easy to learn for the entire family. Takes very good memory recall. Try your best to remember the open holes, and find the fastest way to store your bombs.

The game includes a beautifully designed shot garland table with 100-hole-board and 4 legs; 40 bombs (4 colors x 10 ea.) 3 perforated blocking sheets (for constant variety and new challenges). Plus, the box converts into the playing board (or exploding platform). This includes a speaker, battery pack, on/off switch and an exploding audio mat.