Time to get back at Jack!!

In this funny and challenging “throwing and flinging” game, meet Jack!

Jack represents the guy that we all want to get even with…Jack is the one that read your private notes without permission or the one that talks a little too much…or maybe the one that’s not so nice in the office or at school or maybe the one that lives next door causing some trouble. It's time we all get back at Jack!!

Throw super sticky snacks as fast as you can…nail Jack in the head or the arms or chest, on his ears or in his mouth…or on the J of his shirt!! Each round is timed, and points are tallied. Each target area is assigned a designated number of points.

And now introducing the new Smack the Snack Timer and Counter App. The App lets you tally points automatically by simply indicating which snacks were thrown and which target points were hit. It's super fun and easy to use!!

None Smack the snack on Jack comes with a timer app to make your game more challenging